Nutritional Coaching and Lifestyle Package

Gain More Energy, Boost Your Immune System and Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

service-sub-6Here’s the secret no one bothered to share with you: Your body has the amazing ability to heal and rebalance itself when you really begin to pay attention and listen to it!

My Nutritional Coaching & Lifestyle Package is a fully customized program that guides you through nutrition and lifestyle changes specifically designed for you.  During our time together, you will finally:

  • Feel more energetic and begin to enjoy more fun things in your life
  • Eliminate cravings and become more aware of your true hunger
  • Become more knowledgeable about whole foods and how to easily incorporate them to improve your overall health
  • Feel more empowered to prepare healthy meals
  • Enjoy more restful nights
  • Find true beauty and healing from within

Together we’ll explore concerns that are specific to you, and implement new strategies to help you achieve a lifetime of health and lifestyle balance.

Here’s what you can expect in the Nutritional Coaching & Lifestyle Package:

  • service-sub-2

    Your individual Nutritional Assessment & Analysis

  • 8 weekly consultation calls (25 minutes each)
  • Bi-weekly accountability report to keep you on track and focused
  • Weekly email support between calls that include:
  1. Your weekly objective
  2. 2 downloadable recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare
  3. Nutritional tips, tools and strategies to keep you motivated
  • eBook about Whole Foods – what they are and why you need them
  • Access to my bi-weekly newsletter filled with the latest health tips and recipes

NOTE:  During this time you can choose to explore gluten-free, casein-free meals, raw foods, superfoods, or other interests you may have.