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Living Whole believes that we should all live our best life by investing in our health, and healing illness through healthy diet and lifestyle. We provide nutritional consulting and lifestyle programs for anyone who wants more energy, education on disease prevention, or help transitioning to a new way of looking at food and lifestyle.

We are busy putting together a few comprehensive programs that will allow you to simply choose the one that feels right for you,  sign up, download and begin practicing a healthier lifestyle at home, on your own time, with simple guidance through our easy to follow plan.

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Eat to Restore Your Health and Beauty

This Beginner's Guide to Going Plant Based will help you access a multitude of health benefits including increased energy, decreased weight and most importantly, amazing health. It includes a step-by-step guide to starting your plant based journey, health and beauty benefits of going plant based, top plant based protein sources, PLUS delicious and life-changing recipes you'll enjoy...




7 Day Smoothie Detox Plan

This 7 day detox is perfect for you to revitalize, refresh and recharge your body and improve your overall health and wellbeing! Whether this is your first detox or one of many, it’s an exciting opportunity to do something really great for your mind and body. This 7-day detox guide is designed to eliminate hard to digest foods such as dairy, animal fats, sugars, and alcohol from your diet and replace them with a large variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and water...


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