Plant Based Diet

Looking for More Plant Power in Your Diet?

Here’s 5 ways to go GREEN!

Depositphotos_25457329_xs-150x150Adding more fruits, vegetables and dark leafy greens to your diet has been proven, time and again to have huge benefits!  They can help you maximize energy,  mental focus and clarity, vigor, endurance, physical stamina and enhance your natural beauty.  But that’s not all! They also fight disease, reduce risk of some cancers, and give your immune system a huge natural boost!

Incorporating more plants into your diet doesn’t have to be difficult. Just follow these tips and get ready to feel amazing!

Go slow.
Don’t try to jump from a Standard American Diet to eating nothing but green plants all in one day. Gradual consistent changes are best.

Salads of course!
Even if you add just one small salad before lunch or dinner, you’d be doing your body a huge service.  They add nutrients, aid in digestion and just may keep you from eating that whole cheeseburger!

Try some green smoothies
This is a fantastic and decadent way to sneak in some greens while enjoying a sweet treat!  (My personal favorite is banana, strawberries, a couple of dates, coconut water and a handful of spinach.)

Small amounts added to … everything!
Put some on sandwiches, wraps, soups, pasta or even pizza! Get creative!

Try new recipes!
Visit a local farmers market and pick out some fruits or veggies you’ve never tried before and look up some new recipes. Prickly pear, custard apples or sunflower sprouts may be a fun place to start!

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